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Batteries at Kia of East Syracuse

Most batteries go for thousands of miles without service. However, everyday driving conditions such as climate and driving habits can affect the life of your battery.

  • Severe Temperatures: Your battery should be inspected every six months, and in areas of high heat/cold, this becomes even more imperative.
  • Lights Are Left On: Even if your vehicle starts, the battery may have lost a lot of its reserve power.
  • Corrosion or Leakage: This is likely a sign that your battery is not operating at 100%.

And when it's time for a new battery, choose a Genuine Kia Battery. Our batteries meet rigorous specifications for quality, long life and dependability.


  • Genuine Kia batteries meet or exceed Kia's reserve capacity specifications and cold cranking amps specifications.
  • Positive grid alloy can help prevent corrosion.
  • Special electrolyte additive improves battery charging effectiveness, especially following severe discharge.
  • All Kia dealerships nationwide can service these batteries, which is especially helpful when you are traveling.
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